Hilo: Install Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Server 2003

1) Download the Windows Media Player 11 setup file and save to disk.
2) Run the setup file - the first thing you should see if a validation checker. Just leave this up, don’t go any further.
3) Search the hard drive for “wmp11.exe” - it should be in a temporary directory somewhere. Right click the file in the search then click “Open containing folder” (and not open).
4) Open and run the wmfdist11.exe file, then umdf.exe and wmdbexport.exe. Be warned, you may need to run these files in Compatibilty Mode. Simply right click each file, click Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab, then ensure that Windows XP is selected.
5) After all these are installed, you must restart (very important.)
6) Once you’ve restarted, run the wmp11.exe file in the same directory - this also may require compatibility settings being applied to it. Restart once more.
7) Back into Windows again, go to Start, Run then type in wmplayer then OK. Configure as you like, and viola it’s done


Re: Install Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Server 2003

mmm, la verdad yo tengo el wmp11.exe pero siempre q trato de instalarlo me pide validacion de cuenta de windows,,,mi windows XP es 2002,,,me imagino q sera de la misma manera como dice aca,,pero podria estar en español?? el foro es un site en español,,,los post deberian estar en el mismo lenguaje no??



Re: Install Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Server 2003

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